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Create interface in NX to an external database

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I have a web application connected to a database, which manage materials.

I want to develop a  user-friendly interface to  access to the database or the application from the NX interface, in order to load the materials and their characteristics .
I want to know about the technical feasibility of the function through the use of NX programming & customization, and also if there is some technical documentation about the subject.




Re: Create interface in NX to an external database

You probably should have a look at the Block UI Styler.  This is the interface-design tool within NX that allows you to create custom dialogs with the "look and feel" of standard NX dialogs.  There is a nice selection of dialog controls available.  The dialog creation tool works much like the Windows Form creation tool in the Visual Studio - you create a dialog, and add and customize the various controls.  When you save the dialog, NX will save some template code (in your preferred NXOpen language) for you to use in a program that launches the dialog, and then you can write the code behind the controls to do what you need.


The documentation for this tool is under the Programming Tools in the NX Help docs, near the bottom of the list on the left.  Click on "Block UI Styler".


This tool does require a license - I believe it is called "NX Dialog Designer" - but I think that even without the license, you can open the application and create a dialog to see what is available - you just won't be able to save the dialog without a license.

Re: Create interface in NX to an external database

Thanks for your response.

Also, i would like to know more about the NX open licence, If you could tell me something about that.

Do i need one ? which type? and how many?


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‎07-11-2016 08:28 AM

Re: Create interface in NX to an external database

You need at least one license, either NX Open for .Net Author or NX Open Toolkits Author, and if you want to use the Block UI Styler, you will also need the NX Open Dialog Designers license.


With one Author license, you can digitally sign your programs so that other users at your site can run them.


The NX Open for .Net license may be fine as long as you are on Windows, and you don't need to work in C/C++ or Java.  Here is a summary of these three:


NX Open Dialog Designers [NX30102]




NX Open Dialog Designers provide the application modules, visual dialog builder, libraries, and documentation necessary to interactively construct production quality dialogs for use in the NX environment and supported platforms. NX Open dialog designer consists of two design tools :
1) Block Styler - Introduced in NX6, Block Styler provides interactive tools to design block based dialogs
2) User Interface Styler - This pre-NX 6 dialog designer tool provides various widgets to construct a dialog for use in NX environment. User Interface Styler should be used to maintain existing dialogs.
NX Open application that contain dialogs using NX Open dialog designers can be run by any Mach product.



NX Open for .NET Author [NX30104]




The NX Open for .NET Author license provides the NX .NET API libraries, documentation, and utility tools required to create.NET custom applications. NX Open for .NET custom applications do not require an equivalent runtime license to execute. Any NX gateway license can execute an NX Open for .NET custom program. Successful execution of a custom program is dependent on the availability, and reservation of, appropriate module licenses.

Due to the significant price revision, customers who have already purchased this product may wish to convert their license(s) to NX30106 - NX Open Toolkits.



NX Open Toolkits Author [NX30106]





The NX Open Toolkits Author license provides the libraries, documentation, and utility tools required to create custom applications using the NX Open C++, NX Open for .NET, or NX Open for Java Application Programming Interface (API). NX Open GRIP author is not included. Custom applications built from any NX Open API do not require runtime licenses to execute. NX Open GRIP is an exception; GRIP programs require the GRIP Runtime license. However, successful execution of a custom program is dependent on the availability, and reservation of, appropriate feature licenses, excluding GRIP programs.
To use NX Open for .NET API, Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed on the Windows operating system. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment is recommended for creating and running NX Open .NET executables and dlls.
To use NX Open for Java API; Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) must be installed. The Java runtime environment distributed and installed with NX does not include the Software Development Kit (SDK) tools for compiling and debugging NX Open Java programs.