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Create lightweight bodies with NX Open.



We would like to create with User functions, lightweight bodies, exactly as they are created online with Assemblies --> Advance --> Representations --> Create.

The lightweight bodies that are created with Product Outline are not as axact as in Representations.

Can we create Representations lightweight bodies?

Thanks a lot,

Idit Gvirtz


Re: Create lightweight bodies with NX Open.

Yes, you can do this.


The relevent functions mostly reside in the following classes:

  • NXOpen.UF.UFFacet
  • NXOpen.Facet.FacetedBodyCollection
  • NXOpen.Facet.FacetedBody

In general, the NXOpen.UF.UFFacet functions were originally intended for use with NX-facet bodies, but, in many cases, they have been enhanced to work with JT-facet bodies, too. Conversely, the NXOpen.Facet functions work almost exclusively with JT-facet bodies.


The two specific functions that are likely to be useful are:


  • NXOpen.UF.UFFacet.FacetSolid
  • NXOpen.FacetedBodyCollection.CreateFacetBody
The first of these always creates an NX facet body, and the second one creates a JT facet body

Re: Create lightweight bodies with NX Open.

Hi Yamada


Thanks a lot for the quick and very good answer.

It helped me a lot.


Idit Gevirtz