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Creating an UDF with NX Open

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Hello everyone!

Is it possible to use NX Open to define an UDF? It should be possible, judging by documentation for the uf_modl_udf, but I have one reservation. The function UF_MODL_export_udf appears to be the thing, but in the description it is stated that "This routine works only with old-style Pre-V15 UDFs". Is this true? How to define a new-style UDF then?

Background. I have a project that requires building complex UDF's which are quite time-consuming to define because of many expressions. The idea is to write an utility which would automatically define an UDF based on a number of conditions defined in a prt file.

Any ideas?


Re: Creating an UDF with NX Open

There is a UserDefinedFeatureClass released in NX8.  Not entirely sure how to use it for creation.  Below is the link to an example on solution center.


Re: Creating an UDF with NX Open

I receivd confirmation from GTAC that definition of new-style UDF with NX Open is not currently possible. This is disappointing.