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Custom Draft Template

hi guys,

new to the forum and NX.


a little about my self.

ive worked in solidworks, catia, old school UG, autocad and autocad inventor.


so this is my first time in NX.

im finding the user interface isnt as easy as catia and solidworks.


in solidworks, catia and inventor, creating a drafting template is easy.



not so much.

so i called gtac and figured out how to edit my title blocks.

now i need to know how to snap my blocks to a corner.

after jumping thru hoops of fire and 2 hours on the phone, learning how to edit the tabular template, it doesnt snap to a corner.


i called gtac.....

they dont know.

there is actually a call into the developer as we speak.


so im hoping some one here knows how to snap the title blocks into position.

nice clean and neat.


infact, nothing snaps into position.


solidworks was intuitive in the way that a GD&T block would snap to a dimension line.


funny thing is, talking to gtac they keep saying solidworks runs on their engine.

but solidworks does it better!!!!


im hoping someone here has found a way to make titleblocks and revision history look professional and not like it was made in MS Paint.


as far as revision history.


is there a way to automatically add a like?

like going from rev a to rev b, hit a button and it adds a line and allows you to fill it out?


any help is appreciated.


sorry to be a Dassault honk, but it seems like they have a very friendly used interface that NX is lacking.


Re: Custom Draft Template

[ Edited ] is a video album I have made for our Vimeo site. Video 4 is about titleblocks and I'm pretty sure it shows how to make a titleblock snap to a position. The other videos in the album show all the functionality that exists for templates in NX.
Anthony Galante - Senior Support Engineer - PhoenxPLM (Australia & New Zealand Siemens Solutions Partner)
Accepted by topic author harris_hawker
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Custom Draft Template

did my suggestion work for you? if it did you should mark it as a solution.
Anthony Galante - Senior Support Engineer - PhoenxPLM (Australia & New Zealand Siemens Solutions Partner)