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Custom flyout toolbars in modeling




I would like to customize NX in such way that, when pressing a keybord shortcut, for example "s" key, a flyout toolbar menu would pop up just nearby the current position of mouse cursor. Such toolbar would have specific button functions. The goal is also to minimize time consumming traveling distance with the mouse.


I have heard NX Open or SNAP are available tools to customize NX. 



I believe they are 3 specific things I need to get information on:

1. How to determine the mouse current position

2. How to create custom flyout toolbar

3. How to invoke this the custom toolbar with a keyboard shortcut  



Any suggestion where to start..?

Thanks, Marc



Re: Custom flyout toolbars in modeling

Have you looked at the customization available for radial toolbars, like shift-ctrl-MB1? Here is some documentation

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: Custom flyout toolbars in modeling


Thank you for the suggestion, yes I did have a look at it, but I found it doesn't offer enough options to regain the productivity I had with a concurrent CAD software. Is their any articles or white papers to read on the ergonomic aspect of NX software? I understand NX is a more complexe software with more capabilities, but until now I have'nt found the way to take advantage of these capabilities because of (from my point of view) the somehow not as ergonomic user interface. I need to do more mouse clicks and more mouse travelling in the screen to do the same actions, which at the end of the day affects productivity.


I'm sure I have miss something here and any suggestions would more than welcome on how to use more effectivly the software...




Re: Custom flyout toolbars in modeling

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
Hi Marc -

2 suggestions you can try:
1. In Fullscreen mode, the Alt key brings up the Ribbon at your cursor. Create your own Custom Ribbon Tab and place it as the first tab. You can then use mouse wheel to get to the other tabs. None of the things you outlined are supported through NX Open or accelerators.
2. You can customize your desired commands on the View Shortcut toolbar in the Customize dialog, Shortcuts tab. Clicking in empty space (not over an object) will display the View Shortcut toolbar at your cursor. You can also create object-specific shortcut toolbars by selecting the object while in the Customize dialog and dragging commands on to it. Access these object-specific shortcut toolbars by clicking on the same type of object outside of the Customize dialog.

Let me know if either or both of these work for you.

Thanks, Laurie McAllister

Re: Custom flyout toolbars in modeling

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Marc,


Can you explain a bit more what you want NX to do?


The already mentioned options, view shortcut toolbar and the radial pop-up already give so many options. They are also application specific. I would say you can have around 30 of your most used commands right under your mouse for each application you are in.


If you really want to use your keyboard you could also make CTRL-SHIFT + mousebutton keys with autohotkey. This way 1 key will show a radial popup with 8 command positions. You still need to click the icons with your mouse though.

W10 NX12.0.2.9