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Customize "Location" group when creating new operation

Hi All,

I am creating few operations which all fall under same Program, Tool, Geomtery and Method group.


When I create a new operation, the value for above mentioned items are set based on previous selection or at random.


I would like to set these values based on my requirement. 


for Operation: Rough_Turn_OD, I would like to set up the following

Program : NC_PROGRAM

Tool: NONE




Is there any tcl file or setting that allows me to change the values of "Location" group?



Faisal Ahmed



Re: Customize "Location" group when creating new operation

If you mean interactively, then this should really be posted in the NX CAM forum.

If you are using an API program, then you can specify all the parents as desired.  Try recording a journla where you create a new operation & examine the VB (or whatever language) code.

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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Re: Customize "Location" group when creating new operation

I am doing it interactively, I have posted it in CAM Forum as suggested.