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Customizing PMI Process Specification Dialog


I have not tracked down a forum message covering what I would like to do. My references are to and I am trying all this out in NX8.5 but I want to implement the customization in NX9.#


Under PMI->Specialized->Process Specification a dialog opens. The dialog is attached. Because these elements are entered as PMI, they get returned in the PMI report. And I think that might be a desirable feature as we migrate to digital definition.


However, the entries do not correspond with the terms we have defined for process specifications. So I am looking for a way to customize them. I can't find anything in customer defaults, or any xml files, or any dat files containing any text I see in the default dialog. The only place I can find where any of the default values appear is in a ug_process_spec.dfa file. I'm guessing that is a knowledge fusion file. The only reference I can find to knowledge fusion file name "ug_process_spec.dfa" is in a ugii.txt file in the LOCALIZATION subdirectory.


So it appears that the only way to customize the dialog entries is by modifying the dfa file. Question 1: Is that true?


And if true, where can I find documentation on knowledge fusion syntax? Having documentation handy would be a great help in correctly editing the dfa file.


And, third, the Title is editable. And such is the indication in the KF file for Attribute_Title:. But when I create the PMI and then double-click to edit, it always reads the default "Process Specification." Why is my input for Title not retained?




Tom Cloutier