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Data Exchange between dlls



I have two C# dlls namely

1) myStartup.dll (Placed in 'startup' folder and getting unloaded when NX session is termimated)

2) myApplication.dll (Placed in 'application' folder and getting unloaded 'immediately' after execution of this dll)


I need to have some 'cache' kind of mechanism so that I can exchange data from these two dlls.

For example, I need to initialize a 'static' data (say static string myString = "valA") in myStartup.dll at the time of NX startup (This can be done through 'Startup()' method).


I should be able to get() and set() values for 'myString' in 'myApplication.dll'.  (Note: this dll is getting unloaded immediately after execution)


I tried to use AppDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap() and I am not successful.


Welcome any help in this regard.