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Debugging Python with NX 11.0


Hi all,


I am trying to use python 3.4.3 with NX 11.0 -due to the compatibility of NX 11 with Python 3.4.3. I was using Visual Studio 2015 with other software packages for python debugging purposes but there is something wrong with this NX version. My NX version is NX 


I went through the solutions such as [How to Debug NX] as well as SettingUpAnacondawithNX10_v2.0. I've already installed Anaconda and followed each one of the steps as recommended. Nevertheless, NX is still giving me the troubles as "Python interpreter cannot initialized." I believe there is some compatibility issues with the Anconda's 3.4.3 python34.dll and NX11.0.

Is there other suggestions to use Anaconda with NX11, other than Alex' document? If I have a result I will definitely post it.

Thank you,