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Defining text origin of dimensions

Hello All,


I was trying to add a dimension in my specified location.

i am able to set the dimension origin like this-


Dim Origin1 as Point3d

Origin1 = New Point3d(60, 280, 0.0)

horizontalDimension1.AnnotationOrigin = Origin1


Now I want to set dimension text location as well.

But I didn't find any API for that.


Please help me to set text origin of a dimension.

Accepted by topic author Abhi_Learner
‎04-12-2017 12:41 AM

Re: Defining text origin of dimensions

I think, if you set the property 'IsOriginCentered' to false, the dimension text origin will be the Origin1 you specified.

Re: Defining text origin of dimensions

Hi @Technisites


Yes, You are right. Now I achived the location of the dimension text.

Thanks for your support.