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Delet condemned objects

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I am trying to delet a coordinate system object of type 45 and subtype 0 see diagram below

(uf_object_types.h  #define UF_coordinate_system_type                45).


But the problem is that the object is by creation in "condemned" state and using UF_OBJ_delete_object() does not seem to work on this type of objects. I want delet only specific objects and not all condemned obects in the work part.


I also tried some solution in from Journaling, such as


  int nErrs1 = theSession->UpdateManager()->AddToDeleteList(m_CSys);
  notifyOnDelete = theSession->Preferences()->Modeling()->NotifyOnDelete();
  nErrs1 = theSession->UpdateManager()->DoUpdate(markId);


but that only works in Journaling mode and in written code application this also does not delet object with condemned status.


Is there any option to delete selected condemned objects?


The Coordinate system object of type 45The Coordinate system object of type 45


Best regards


Riaz Ur-Rehman

Aixpath GmbH




Re: Delet condemned objects

I think you may not be able to delete condemned objects selectively. but can delete all the condemned objects in the part with UF_SO_delete_non_deletables..


Re: Delet condemned objects

Hi, Tanks a lot for the inputs. Yes, the statement is known to me. However, as I said, I need to delet only specific objects and not all. So this would not work in this case.