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Detail View updating


Greetings All,

Here is a pet-peeve I've been struggling with in NX8. I have a relitively simple model and drawing. I have a sectioned view A-A that hosts a detail B View. Everything is finalized and dimensioned and up to date that is until I click save. It goes through the motions and when its done I get that annoyin little clock next to Detail B View. repeat update repeat save and right back at it. Is there some way to get the Detail view permanantly updated?

This also often happens with any active sketches on any 2Ds I come accross from other users which has led to things getting put into the sketch area rather than on the sheet. This, in turn has caused confusion when others take the helm and now cant find what should appear on the sheet. Instead it is hidden in the portal of the active sketch view or some other frustrating restrictive quirk.  This may be unrelated to the previous question but I thought I'd Include it. I can get this to cooperate if I 'Finish Sketch' then change the active sketch view but if it is a sketch on the sheet the sketch always reactivates. Again these are just pet-peeves that I was curious if there was a simple and permanent fix.


Thanks for your input.