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Diable hide Apply/Ok in BlockStyler

Hi, I have a string & cursorlocation blocks in Blockstyler. I have a stepstatus property in cursorlocation without which OK,Apply buttons will not be activated, I was looking something similar in string block but couldnt find anything. Now i am thinking to disable Apply/Ok button when there is no string . I was looking at theDialog->Show(BlockDialog:Smiley Very HappyialogMode:Smiley Very HappyialogModeEdit); theDialog->Show(BlockDialog:Smiley Very HappyialogMode:Smiley Very HappyialogModeCreate);//this will hide Apply, what about OK? I have enum & toggle also in the UI can these disable/hide Apply/OK button ? TAK

Re: Diable hide Apply/Ok in BlockStyler


The way to handle this is to override the EnableOKButton() callback method that BlockDialog has. In your override method you simply put any logic in you require to decide if OK and Apply buttons should be active or not and return true or false (true=OK & Apply will be active, false=OK & Apply will not be active).

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