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Dialog Settings - Favorites

Where does a dialog setting favorite get saved to for both the "Site" and "User" options?


The example shown below is the Extrude dialog and then selecting the Settings (Gear Icon in the upper left) and select "Save Favorite As".


When I saved a "Site" favorite it worked for someone else in our company to see that favorite, I just don't know where it is saved?


Version MP4





Re: Dialog Settings - Favorites

Probably in the folder tree secified by the ENV variable UGII_SITE_DIR.

if you don't know where that is pointing to, (Menu) -> Help -> NX Log file

Then search in the info window for UGII_SITE_DIR


I'm not sure the specific folder or filename, but I suspect its there somewhere...

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Dialog Settings - Favorites



The new favorites file will be saved in the %UGII_SITE_DIR%\Favorites directory using the value of  the environment variable UGII_SITE_DIR in the NX session where the favorite was created. Check the NX syslog for the value of UGII_SITE_DIR.




Re: Dialog Settings - Favorites

Great, Thanks!