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Dialog "ok" Button C#


Hi Guys,


i have some Problems with my Code.

i created 2 Collectors (FeatureCollector, CurveCollector).

So the User can decide if he want to select Curves or Features.


The Problem is when the user only select curves and no Features the OK Button of the DialogBox is deactivated. So that the user can't push it till a Feature is selected.


Can sombody help me with that ?


Thanks !!


Re: Dialog "ok" Button C#

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The selections blocks have a "StepStatus" property that is set to "Required" by default. That means that when the dialog is created and the selection blocks are empty, you see a red asterisk in the block and the OK/Apply are greyed out. When objects are selected in the block, the red asterisk changes to a green check. Once all selection blocks have green checks, then OK/Apply is enabled.


You change the StepStatus property to "Optional" or "Satisfied" so that a particular block does not require a selection. See the StepStatus documentation for CurveCollector or SelectFeature for more information.