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Disable self-intersecting face error


is it possible to disable the "self-intersecting face error "message of a boolean operation?

Really I need to disable it inside a dll written in visual basic with visual studio.


Thank you





Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

as @JimB says in this post Disable feature error messages


quote "Any message box like this that is displayed when running an NX Open application is a bug."


Report to GTAC.


Possible work arounds

Run as extrenal if possible.

Set Update options to UF_MODL_UPDATE_ACCEPT_ALL

Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

Could you give me an example visual basic code to "Set Update options to UF_MODL_UPDATE_ACCEPT_ALL"





Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

I use Open C,not sure with other language's




And reset later




from the header files


Sets the current fail option in case an update failure occurs. This
allows the user to specify the update behavior in advance, should an
error occur in the middle of a modeling update. It would be as if a
user in interactive NX had selected the UNDO, SUPPRESS,
During Update dialog.

The user can also set a variable of UGII_UPDATE_FAIL_OPTION before running 
an NX Open API and set it to any of the values defined in UF_MODL_update_option_e.

Environment: Internal  and  External
See Also: 
History:Original release was in V14.0.
extern UFUNEXPORT int UF_MODL_set_update_fail_option(
UF_MODL_update_option_t new_fail_option  /* <I>
                                         Sets the update fail option to the
                                         given value.

The following are valid parameters to UF_MODL_set_update_fail_option ().

enum UF_MODL_update_option_e
UF_MODL_UPDATE_NO_OPTION = 0, /*No option defined yet */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_UNDO, /*Undo entire Update operation. */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_SUPPRESS, /*Suppress previous failed object */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_SUPPRESS_ALL, /*Suppress previous failed object and rest of list */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_ACCEPT, /*Accept warning of previous object */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_ACCEPT_ALL, /*Accept previous warning and future of same type */
UF_MODL_UPDATE_INTERRUPT /*Interrupt update */
typedef enum UF_MODL_update_option_e UF_MODL_update_option_t;


Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

In the .NET docs look for SetDefaultUpdateFailureAction


Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

I found the example I asked for:


Dim ufSess As UFSession = UFSession.GetUFSession()


This solution seems to work partially because the error number I recive seems to be less than before but it doesn't solve completly.


Does someone get another idea?

Re: Disable self-intersecting face error

Without an idea of what you are trying to do its a little hard.


Another option is to set  UF_MODL_UPDATE_UNDO

Then use UF_MODL_ask_update_undo_feat() and UF_get_fail_message() if UF_MODL_update() returns an error.