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Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?  Java updated now users' docs are not working.  I couldn't find any release notes pertaining to this.



Problem accessing /tdoc/nx/10/nx_help/. Reason:

    Server Error

Caused by:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6033: Error in Javac compilation for JSP


PWC6199: Generated servlet error:

The type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files


NX 11.0.2
Accepted by topic author Mould_United
‎09-30-2016 12:15 PM

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

You need to update to the latest version of the Documentation Server.


See SFB-ALL-10621

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

I'm getting the same error referenced in this thread when attempting to search within the docs.  I've loaded the recommended back rev versions of JAVA, both 32bit & 64bit.  The docs display OK but can't search.  The recommended solution is provided via a link however as a constraint of the Learning Edition software package I get the following error;

Page Forbidden

Access to the requested resource is forbidden.


Can someone please make available the fix instructions somewhere that isn't "forbidden".

Thank you.

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

To view the SFB, you need to log into the web site with your webkey access code. This should be available for the learning edition as well.


The SFB basically says that you need to upgrade to the latest version of the doc server.


If you are running the latest version of the Siemens PLM Documentation Server (2.0, released June 10, 2016) and the latest Jave version (Java 8, update 111, released October 18, 2016), you should not be be having any compatibility problems. Be sure to remove any previous Java versions.

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

Note also that you can access all of the documentation online at:

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?


Thank you for the timely response however after testing splmdocserver020 with both old and new Java installs (7u45 & 8u111) I’ve determined the current Java 8u111 DOES NOT WORK.  I went back to 7u45 for both the 32 & 64bit apps and the docs now mostly work without the functionality of “search”.

I have spent more time troubleshooting this Siemens documentation problem than I care to and at this point I plan to tolerate not having a search function.  A pretty unfortunate compromise for what is supposed to be an educational software package.


Finally, I am aware of the docs being available on line however for a single stand alone workstation they work considerably better when served locally.


Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

I am using Java 8 111, 32 and 64bit, and my docs are working fine after updating the doc server per JimB's suggestion.  I should note there was a specific procedure for the update, which I ignored, but simply applied the update.  Not having a ton of time I risked it and it seems to work fine.  Search and F1 on-context help have worked flawlessly so far. (assuming I do not input jibberish, lol)


If you decide to re-install make sure to install as administrator.  From everything I have heard files should be installed as administrator.  Once I had issues installing a NX maintenance release pack even though my login credentials include admin on my local computer. After installing by choosing Run as Administrator the MR installed fine.  I never had problems before but that one time it was an issue.  


As for doc server performance we need to take in consideration server and network performance.  I was running the doc server locally but after implimenting some new workstations we have been serving them from one workstation and the performance is on par with a local install.  Please note we recently restructured some of our network management and the doc server has ssd drives.  Also the doc server service takes a while to fully start so an old mechanical hard drive will take a lot longer to fully load than ssd drives on startup/restart.

NX 11.0.2

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?



Keep in mind that this is the NX Customization and Programming forum. Responses about administering a documentation server are merely helpful suggestions.


If you continue to have problems with your installation, then it would be more appropriate to contact GTAC and log a call to have an engineer troubleshoot wour specific issues.

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?


My first step toward resolving the doc issue was to call GTAC.  They informed me that Learning Edition software customers are not entitled to GTAC service.  They said specifically that any problems or questions would need to be resolved by posting questions in the forum.  Before hanging up, the GTAC rep did provide the revision advice I mentioned regarding Adobe (7u45).  If there is a different forum specific to Learning Edition customers please advise.

Don C.

Re: Does the doc server rquire a specific java version?

[ Edited ]


Not that I am aware of nor is there a forum for NX administration that I am able to find so perhaps I should have made my initial  post in different forum. 


I would try the design and manufacturing forums next.  There should find some designers/engineers/manufacturing engineers who also double as cad system managers. Smiley Wink

NX 11.0.2