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Error: Use AskUserMessage () or askSyslogMessage() and "invalid feature tag"



I am running a code in C++ which basically extracts faces and features of the faces of the CAD model, and uses that information to perform a bunch of operations related to additive manufacturing: like computing normal, deciding supports and so on. The code's template is generated using UI Block Styler from NX 10. I am repeatedly getting the errors :


1) When I run the code, with setting the variables such that it runs for fewer iterations, I get only the error at several instances (probably because of the looping), "Invalid Feature Tag" for complicated part and " Tool body completely outside target body, Body unsuitable for sweep" for a simplest part like a Sphere.

2) However, if I increase the iterations, for finer changes in each iteration, the code stops in between the execution and gives error: "Use AskUserMessage () or askSyslogMessage() " When I click "ok", it gives error "Unhandled Exception encountered in callback automation code". 


I am trying hard to understand what do they mean and how to debug them, but still it does not help. I even ran this on a simple part like a sphere. Still same errors are coming up. Can you please help me as to for what reason can these errors be and how can I debug them?





Re: Error: Use AskUserMessage () or askSyslogMessage() and "invalid feature tag"

You can take a look at the syslog file.  You will get a clue at which line of code you start getting errors.  In my experience most of the times it is to do with not checking for 'null tags' and using uninitalised variables.


Re: Error: Use AskUserMessage () or askSyslogMessage() and "invalid feature tag"

Can you please elaborate on "null tags" ? I am surprised that syslog error
is coming only when iterations are large

Re: Error: Use AskUserMessage () or askSyslogMessage() and "invalid feature tag"

That particular error usually means that there was a problem while trying to report a particular exception.  Are you using any kind of try/catch in your application?  If so, are you trying to echo any exception found to the user?  Are you echoing the NXException, or the Exception?


It would probably be a good idea to open an Incident Report with GTAC for this one, and provide the code and parts that you are using so that we can reproduce it.  If we can reproduce it, there is a good chance that we can help you determine why it is happening.  Thanks!