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Export CAE result to universal file



I want to export a result to a universal file. The only way I'm able to do this is through the results combination builder and combining the result by multiplying it by 1. When journaling this, the class CAE.ResultsCombinationBuilder is used.


The problem I now have is that it is extremely slow.


What is the best (eg fastest) way to access the results and export them to a universal file (or other formats)


Thanks in advance



Re: Export CAE result to universal file



NX never "imports" results (NX Post operates directly on the external solver results file), so it does not really have results to "export".


The results combination command writes the .unv/.bun file so that it can also be attached to NX Post.


You can write your own external program that reads the solver results directly and writes them in the format that you want. You could also use the NX Open Result and ResultAccess classes to do the reading part for you (you would still have to write your own "export" code)


Re: Export CAE result to universal file



I'm using the resultsaccess class to read the results from solver database. 

when using the function AskElementNodalResultAllComponents I obtain the results I need. However, the function returns an element index, but I cannot figure out which element the results are for.


How can I find out for which element label AskElementNodalResultAllComponents returns the results for (eg. the relation between element index and element label)?




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‎01-25-2016 08:28 AM

Re: Export CAE result to universal file

Can loop through each element to be dealt with



For Each FEElm As CAE.FEElement In theArrayFEElm
	Dim elementIndex As Integer = theInputResult.AskElementIndex(FEElm.Label)
	Dim elemNodeIdxs() As Integer = Nothing
	Dim iNumComponents As Integer
	Dim elementValues() As Double = Nothing

	theResultAccess.AskElementNodalResultAllComponents(elementIndex, elemNodeIdxs, _
													iNumComponents, elementValues






Production: NX9.0.3.4, NX10.0.2.6
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)

Re: Export CAE result to universal file

Hello selex_ct.


Thank you for your answer. This was what I was looking for.

Accepted by topic author frvanhee
‎01-26-2016 10:19 AM

Re: Export CAE result to universal file

CAE.ResultAccess.AskElementNodalResultAllComponents() does not return an element index, it requires an element index as input to specify which element to return results for.


Note that NX Post (and the CAE.Result and CAE.ResultAccess classes) operate directly on the solver results file. The CAE.Result class contains methods to ask the total number of nodes and elements in the results files. The indicies range from 1 to N. CAE.Result also contains methods to determine the node or element label for a given index, and methods to determine the index for a given label. You cannot use node or element objects from the .fem/.sim parts to operate on results.


Specifically, you want CAE.Result.AskElementLabel() to get the element label for a given index.

Re: Export CAE result to universal file

Hello Jim,


Thank you for your answer. I know understand better the resultaccess class.

The answer from select_cx also worked.


I also found your notes of the workshop you have given on simulation results access in 2012.