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Export STL with NX Open (c++)



 I am trying to export an STL using NXOpen (c++). In journaling I can save the model as prt, but there is not option to record the action of exporting an STL in NXopen with c++. I only find the STL import option. Has anyone tried exporting STL with NXopen c++ before?



Accepted by topic author ElaineT
‎06-02-2016 09:45 AM

Re: Export STL with NX Open (c++)

GTAC has an example in C


The solution center contains several examples in VB or C#, they might give hints as to what functions need to be called.

Re: Export STL with NX Open (c++)



It will not record in a Journal because it requires that you use functions from the Open C toolkit.  If you go to the solution center and search for:


sample program stl


you will find several examples.  After the initial search, filter by "nx_api" on the left, under document type, to limit the results to sample programs, and after that, you can filter by language extension if desired.


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Re: Export STL with NX Open (c++)

Thank you for your responses!