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Export to jt with correct file name


I've the journal that export to jt. The jt file name have alwais tha '_'. It's possible to have the same jt file name as the original prt file name ?

For example 1-2345.prt -> 1-2345.jt and not 1_2345.jt

Thank you...

Using NX 11 / RuleDesigner PDM

Accepted by topic author cubalibre00
‎02-17-2017 11:21 AM

Re: Export to jt with correct file name

[ Edited ]

I don't see anything in the journal code that would change the file name like that.


I suspect that in your JT config file, the "autoNameSanitize" option is set to true (or it is not set, in which case it defaults to 'true'); which is making the change.