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External SDK takes longer while executing it through TCE command promt

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor



I have an external SDK which generates a 3DPDF from a nx part file.  I have created an executable from this SDK where I provide the input part.

When I use this executable with an interactive NX session (FILE -> execute -> NXOpen -> .exe file) it generates the 3DPDF in 1 or so. But when I use this executable through TCE command prompt then it takes roughly 15 min for a 3DPDF to  be created.


with the interactive session I use Session.GetSession().Parts.Display to get the part. While using the executable with command prompt I use Session.GetSession().Parts.OpenBaseDisplay() , I have also tried using Session.GetSession().Parts.OpenDisplay() but the result is the same. Apart from this I provide the TCE login credentials as the input to the executable while using it with TCE command prompt.


Any suggestion or an idea, what could be the problem over here?