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Extract Advance Weight Management Data API




I need to extract all the Weight Management which is exported to excel when done manually for a top level assembly including its children.


Manually the menu is available in "Analysis" Menu.


I found an API 

public void EstabPartProps
	Tag part,
	double accuracy,
	bool recurse,
	UFWeight..::.UnitsType units,
	out UFWeight..::.Properties properties,
	out UFWeight..::.Exceptions exceptions

which is a wrapper method for UF_WEIGHT_estab_part_props

int UF_WEIGHT_estab_part_props

const tag_t part, 
const double accuracy, 
const logical recurse, 
const UF_WEIGHT_units_type_t units, 
UF_WEIGHT_properties_t * properties, 
UF_WEIGHT_exceptions_t * exceptions 


const tag_t part(Input) :The part whose weight properties are to be 

const double accuracy (Input): The accuracy to which the part's properties 
are to be calculated. 

const logical recurse (Input) : True if the properties are to include 
components of the part, false otherwise. 

const UF_WEIGHT_units_type_t units (Input):  The units in which the properties are to be returned. 

UF_WEIGHT_properties_t * properties (Output) :  The established properties of the part. 

UF_WEIGHT_exceptions_t * exceptions (Output) : to be freed Any exceptions encountered during the calculation. This must be freed by 
calling UF_WEIGHT_free_exceptions. 

If i use this i can get the Weight management details only for the top level assembly. When i pass the "TRUE" flag to this API which states that "it has to be set as TRUE if properties are to include components of the part, false otherwise".


Still i am not getting all the components data.


And also i am confused between the terminology used in the documentation. There are three differenct API's for Part, Component and Solid.

  • UF_WEIGHT_estab_part_props
  • UF_WEIGHT_estab_comp_props
  • UF_WEIGHT_estab_solid_props

How is it different.?