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ExtractFace/LinkedBody Question

You have Component "Alpha"

Component "Beta" is an immediate child of "Alpha.



Is there any way to see if Beta has Wave Linked anything into Alpha?


Re: ExtractFace/LinkedBody Question

You would have to check Alpha to see if it references external geometry. Individual parts do not keep track of everything that is referencing them.

Re: ExtractFace/LinkedBody Question

I was afraid of that.
Thank you.

Re: ExtractFace/LinkedBody Question

Have you checked any of the available items in "'Menu => Information => Assembly" for wave or similar?

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Re: ExtractFace/LinkedBody Question

- Loop through all the feature in ALPHA. Select only the wave linked feature

- Get the body/faces of that Wave Linked feature.

- Get the source body/face for each body/face using UF_WAVE_map_link_geom_to_source

- Get the owning component with OwningComponent() function in NXObject and check if the component is B.