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Fatal error - e434352

In nx11 I have created a udo.when I am going to delete its parent object I got error massage as shown in attached png.


Re: Fatal error - e434352

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

That is a pretty generic .Net error, but it is an "operating system exception", so the question is, what is your program doing that requires interaction with the operating system?  Is it trying to access a file it can't find?


What version of NX are you running?  Do you have the correct version of .Net installed for that release of NX?


Note that sometimes trying to use a version of .Net that is too new for your version of NX causes baffling issues.  For example, we have had some reported issues that disappeared when we asked people to remove an installation of .Net 4.6, because it was too new for their installation of NX.


If you are running NX9 or later, did you build your .DLL for x64?  I think the wizard still targets "Any CPU", but that won't work - you must change it to x64.


If all of the above check out, please log an IR with GTAC, and supply the NX syslog file from a session where this failed.  Thanks!

Re: Fatal error - e434352

NX syslog file from a session where this failed.


how to upload syslog file???

Re: Fatal error - e434352

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Have you already logged an IR with GTAC?  You should have the option to upload your file while doing that, if you do it on the web.


Please DO NOT upload your log to this community site, because it will expose information you probably do not want to publicize, such as your sold-to ID and your Webkey access code.


Once you have created an IR, to upload your data, please be sure that the filename of the .zip starts with the IR number, for example, "1234567.ZIP".  You may add extra characters after the IR number, such as “1234567_syslog.ZIP” as required.  Our customer data file system uses that number to determine whether an uploaded file is related to an existing IR, and to automatically notify the engineer who is assigned to the case that the data has arrived.  To upload your file, please visit our upload site at:



Select the Upload Files tab.


(You may be prompted to login with your Webkey information.)


When you get to the upload page, you can browse to your .ZIP file and select it.


The file type should default to Binary - this is correct.


The location should default to /gtac - this is correct.


Once you press Upload Specified File, the process should begin.  It takes a few minutes to be processed on our end, and once it is moved to the secure file storage area where we keep customer files, the engineer who has your IR will be notified to retrieve the files for testing. 


Thank you!


Re: Fatal error - e434352

while executing this code

 theUFSession.So.SetVisibilityOption(udo.GetUserDefinedObjectFeature().Tag, UFSo.VisibilityOption.Invisible);


I got this fatal error massage.e-0434352


This error occured in NX 11 but not in NX10 for same code


Re: Fatal error - e434352

I have uploaded file “”. It contains source code which can be debugged as following

1.create a Extrude model first.

2.You can run its dll through File->Execute->NXopen->simpleUDO.dll

3.After clicking simpleUDO.dll, it will ask to select point on face after selecting a face , then udo will be created in point.

4.then  delete Extrude from part navigator(on right click of Extrude ->delete)

5.nx11 stopped working same fatal error is occured.i.e fatal error -0434352


what is reason and its solution?

Please let us know if more information is required.