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Filter the dimensions by the draft


I have in NX a piece which has several drafts where are several dimensions. I want to get only the dimensions of a certain draft.

Now I get the dimensions and the drrawing sheets in the next way:

var dimensions = session.Parts.Work.Dimensions;
var drawings = session.Parts.Work.DrawingSheets;

but I am not able to find the conexion between them, I want only the dimensions of the drawing named "VISTA".


Does anyone know how to do it?



Re: Filter the dimensions by the draft

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

There is an example in the GTAC solutions database that shows how to get the sheet that an annotation resides on:


Alternately, you could get the view of the "VISTA" drawing sheet then use the view object's .AskVisibleObjects method to get all the visible objects on the sheet. You could then sort out the dimensions from the objects returned.