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Find Datum Planes selected from FaceDumbRule

Hi All,


I was working on some Split Body related problems.


I want to find which Datum plane is selected for doing split body.


For that, I have collector which is saved in builder. I query rule from the collector which is FaceDumbRule.

When I query rule by GetData(), my program crashes as GetData expects Faces() and not DatumPlane().


My question is that,how we can get plane() from the FaceDumbRule.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Find Datum Planes selected from FaceDumbRule

The following code returns tagged objects.  You can find the type and cast it to what you need.


NXOpen.Features.SplitBodyBuilder splitBodyBuilder1;
        splitBodyBuilder1 = workPart.Features.CreateSplitBodyBuilderUsingCollector(splitBody1);

        TaggedObject[] toolFaces =  splitBodyBuilder1.BooleanTool.FacePlaneTool.ToolFaces.FaceCollector.GetObjects();