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Find out if component was copied with "Move component"



I have a NXOpen program which creates non associative wave links from selected component bodies. To keep track of the origin of the bodies I add a GUID as a UserAttribute to the created link and to the source component.


If "Move component" with Mode=Copy is used the source component is copied including the UserAttributes containing my GUID which is not unique anymore.


If this component is selected to recompute the wave links, I need to find out if it was copied, to assign a new GUID to this component and ignore the "old" GUID. Is there any chance to get this information?




Re: Find out if component was copied with "Move component"

My current workaround: If I have more than one component with identical GUIDs I compare the CreatedVersion optained with AskCreModVersions. If a component with a smaller CreatedVersion is present I assume that the selection was copied. That seems to be working for me.