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Get Drafting view of a selected Line object

Hello All,


I have selected one line of a drafting view, how to get the view in which the line exists?

it shows in information window, but I am not getting any suitable API for it.


Note that- it's not a sketch line, it's a line generated from modelling to drafting.


please find the attachment to get clarification.


please help.




Re: Get Drafting view of a selected Line object

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I've not tested it, but the .AskViewDependentStatus method may come in handy here.


See this code from GTAC:

The function doesn't do exactly what you are asking for, but it shows how to call the .AskViewDependentStatus method along with a few other methods that you might find useful.

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‎03-30-2017 11:17 PM

Re: Get Drafting view of a selected Line object

Hi @cowski1


Thanks for your reply.

I have got another solution which is pretty useful.


Now I am calling all objects of view using Myview.AskVisibleObjects().

Then by comparing the journalidentifier I get to know if the line belongs to the view.


Hope this is one of the solution.