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Get Inertia Properties of Curves/Bounded Plane


Hi guys!



I want to get the beam properties for a beam


Current state:

I created a plane, normal to the beam, which I am using to create intersection curves between the beam and the plane.

Afterwards, I am (currently) creating a bounded plane from the intersection curves.

Consequently, I am having either a set of curves, a face or a sheet body to move further.


Problem definition:

I want to to get the beam properties of this section / curves etc. which I can use later in the FEA for the beam definition.  (E.g. Ixx, Iyy etc.)

For this, I already found two different approaches:

  • AskMassProps3d of bounded plane
  • SectionInertiaAnalysisBuilder

Regarding this, I am not sure about how to get the correct properties for the application in the FEA environment.

Other topics would be performance, how to get the results etc.



Has somebody some useful advice?