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Get information about chamfer cutter (NXOPEN)

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I am using the NXOPEN C API to get the information about a Chamfer Mill, I can not find the parameter to ask the information about the Chamfer Length (C) in the API.




For example for tool dia we have in the API like


UF_CALL(UF_PARAM_ask_double_value(m_ToolTag, UF_PARAM_TL_DIAMETER, &paramValue));


We need to have a similar for getting value of chamfer length in API   (UF_PARAM_TL_XXXXXX). Which parameter could it be?


Thanking in anticipation,


Kind regards,


Aixpath GmbH


Re: Get information about chamfer cutter (NXOPEN)

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Esteemed Contributor

For the newer tool types there will be no named parameter.

C and GRIP are not extended to fully support the new tools.

You have to use the new builders to get all the information available for a tool.

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Re: Get information about chamfer cutter (NXOPEN)

As @Stefan_Pendl said, since chamfer mill is a relatively new tool type, it is only available in .net. Attached is a vb boiler plate example to create the tool builder. I think you would need to add another level based on the Tool Subtype.

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Re: Get information about chamfer cutter (NXOPEN)


It is possible to query an object for its param indicies 


as the others say there is no named param



Indice = 7357
Name = (null)
Definition = Tool Chamfer Length
Inherits From, CHAMFER_MILL
Default Value = 0
Current Value = 2


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