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Get information about involved (inactive) bodies



I am currently looking for a way to analyse my component. At doing this, I encountered an obstacle.


I tried it on a simple example model where I united an extrude body to my main body (revolve).

Consequently, the body of the extrude approach is not existing anymore and the main body is enriched by some edges, faces and volume.

I realized that the information is existing in the Browser (see attached image).


Is there a possibility to retrieve this information, so which bodies are included and which are not existing any more, by script? I guess that if this information is available to the browser, there must a way to get this information.


Of course, getting into the boolean feature builder, retrieving the targets and tools would be possible, but in my opinion the browser uses a more performant and cleaner way of retrieving this information. Therefore, I would like to use the same method.


Thanks so far!


Thanks !


Re: Get information about involved (inactive) bodies


A similar problem/question is appearing when taking a look at general features (not only unite etc.).


When I am looping through all features and use the "GetBodies()" method, every feature returns the final body, not the body that is originally created by the feature. 
(E.g. in the example shown in the attached image: Every feature is returning "basebody_1", even if theres originally the "bossbottombody" in feature "bosstopextrudeunite")



However, this information is there. I can see it instantaneously in the browser. Unfortunately, I did not find any approach to get this information. One solution would be the make the feature the current feature. However, this is comparably costly in huge models. Furthermore, as the browser shows, the information is there also without making features the current feature. 


Am I missing a function? 


Can somebody help me here?