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Get mesh point objects from CAEEdge (C#)


Hello everyone


I've defined a couple of mesh points on a number of edges in my geometry using meshPointMultipleOnCurveBuilder in the FEM file and would now like to create individual groups of the associated nodes in each edge. For example, nodes corresponding to mesh points on Edge1 would be grouped into MeshPointGroup_Edge1, nodes corresponding to mesh points on Edge2 would be grouped into MeshPointGroup_Edge2 etc. If it helps at all, my motivation is to extract displacements at only these nodes, which I can do when I define the output requests.


Interactively, once I've created the mesh points, I would go into the New Group dialog and while selecting objects, I would use the "Mesh Point" selection filter and in the method dropdown box I would use "Related Nodes". However, recording this in a journal results in the usual FindObjects problem where the node journal identifiers are shown instead.


I am able to get the desired CAEEdge tags but I'm kind of lost on what to do next. A method similar to UFSf.LocateNodesOnGeometry but refined to only return those nodes associated with mesh points would be ideal, if there is such a method. Any help will be greatly appreciated!