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Get the Dynamic Csys in C#


Hi Guys,


Is there a possibility to get immediately the Dynamic Csys of an Curve or Feature ?

i looked in the Reference Guid but couldn't find anything.

i would use the AskChildren Method with a loop... but their should be a easier way.


Thanks for all Answers and Help !!


Re: Get the Dynamic Csys in C#

cowski1 3rd Gear
3rd Gear

Can you provide some more context for what it is that you are trying to do?


At first I thought you were asking about the orientation matrix of a conic curve (which you can get with the .Matrix property), but then you mentioned the .AskChildren method (of which there are several versions in NXOpen but I'm assuming that you are working with the one that operates on "smart objects"). A smart object may (or may not) reference back to a csys object.