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Get vertices of a facet


Java API method AskVerticesOfFacetData vFD = theUFS.facet().askVerticesOfFacet(fb.tag, facetID);
is impractically slow to respond. It takes many hours to generate a small STL file from a facetted body. Similar methods, like AskPlaneEquationData pED = theUFS.facet().askPlaneEquation(fb, facetID); are responsive.

Are there any other methods I can use?


Besides rewriting my application, what else can I do?

Thank you.


Re: Get vertices of a facet


I forgot to mention, a call to

ufs.Facet.AskVerticesOfFacet(fb, facet_id, out verts_in_facet, facet_vertices);

in C# is very responsive.

What takes minutes in C# literally takes hours in Java (I am making a couple million calls). I know java is slower but java is just making the call and there shouldn't be a significant difference.


I suppose I am going to recode my application in c#.