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Getting automatic drawing sheet numbering to ignore "clipboard" sheets


I feel like I've asked this before, but can't find a related post...


I'm planning to implement the newer Drafting Tools-based title blocks with our rollout of NX  I'd like to have the "SHEET 1 OF <number of sheets>" update correctly, but many times users add a "clipboard" sheet where parent views of section views, detail views, etc., reside that don't need to be on an actual released drawing sheet.  Is there a way to get the automatic sheet numbering to ignore the clipboard sheet(s), or is there a better way to hide parent views we don't want to appear on a drawing sheet?


The only workaround I can think of now is to continue to include the sheet numbering as a manually-edited text field in the "Populate Title Block" dialog.


We currently use patterns (legacy), and everything editable is just imported text.  That's worked fine for years, but if patterns go away at some future release, I'd like to be ahead of the game and have everyone at least familiar with the newer functionality. And the more of it I get working automatically, the fewer things users will have to remember to manually edit when sheets get added/removed during revisions.



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Re: Getting automatic drawing sheet numbering to ignore "clipboard" sheets


You could use an attribute for number of sheets.  Name the reference sheets with a 'REF' prefix.  Have a journal that counts the number of sheets excluding the sheets with REF prefix and updates this attribute.  This journal can be executed automatically as a POST operation whenever a sheet is added or deleted.


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Re: Getting automatic drawing sheet numbering to ignore "clipboard" sheets

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I've asked in the past too...I *think* I submitted an ER on that, 1 or 2 former employers ago.

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