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Getting defining edge for a chamfer

Is there away to get the start and end points of an edge that defines a chamfer without having to rollback the feature in order for the edge to become alive again? Or do you have to rollback or make previous feature current?


Re: Getting defining edge for a chamfer

I've never tried this or ever created/edited chamfers using code, but...

If you pass the Chamfer object to the ChamferBuilder you should be able to call ChamferBuilders smartCollector() method to get the ScCollector that defines the geometry. Once you have the ScCollector call it's getObjects() method to return the objects that were used. In that list should be the edge (I think).

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Re: Getting defining edge for a chamfer

Everything is true, but the edge isn't alive because the feature is still active.
I was hoping there was a way to get the points of the without having to make the chamfer feature inactive because that takes a second or for it make the previous feature inactive, get the defining edge, get the points and then making chamfer active again. Just a lot of wasted time to get two points if you ask me