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Getting the View Associated with an Annotation

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I want to be able to report which view each annotation on a drawing is associated with (Section View A-A, Top, Left, etc). I can do this for linear dimensions by using LinearDimensionBuilder.FirstAssociativity.GetValue to get the View. How can I get the views for all (or at least more) annotation types?


UFSession.View.AskViewDependentStatus always seems to return "SH01@0" instead of the view I need.


Edit: I've not tried Annotation.GetAssociativity(1).ObjectView. I'll update this thread after I give that a shot.



Accepted by topic author aredderson
‎04-24-2017 01:41 PM

Re: Getting the View Associated with an Annotation

Annotation.GetAssociativity(1).ObjectView worked for most annotations. For those that were associated to other objects on the drawing, I had to get the view of the object it was associated to. For example, for stacked annotations, I had to get the associativity of the parent of the stack.