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Handle Object of Type CamPathToolpathEventType.System


Hello everybody!


I have the following problem and would appreciate any help:


I want to change the feedrate of a linear motion in NXCAM via NXOPEN.

Therefore I am creating a Path and a LinearMotion

Path curPath = currentToolPathEvent.currentPath;

PathLinearMotion pathLinearMotion = curPath.GetLinearMotion(i);

After that, I manually change the feedrate with, e.g.

pathLinearMotion.SetFeedrate(1234, CamPathFeedUnitType.PerMinute);

and apply with

path.SetLinearMotion(i, pathLinearMotion);

After doing so the change is successful. Unfortunately the ToolpathEventType of the

ToolpathEvent at position i is no longer 'MOTION', but 'SYSTEM':

CamPathToolpathEventType currentToolpathEventType = curPath.GetToolpathEventType(i);

Perhaps I am missing something, but in my opinion it should be a motion, since I only

changed the feedrate. Trying to call

PathLinearMotion pathLinearMotion = curPath.GetLinearMotion(i);

again, results in the following error:


"Tool path event is not of the correct type"



Thanks in advance!




Re: Handle Object of Type CamPathToolpathEventType.System

One of our developers looked at this, and he doesn't see anything wrong with what your are trying to do. He tried changing the feedrate of a linear motion and it works fine in NX10.0.3. It does not change the event type from MOTION to SYSTEM.


I would log a call with GTAC. Maybe they can try your test case in 10.0.3. If it doesn't work there, we can look further.


Mark Rief
Retired Siemens