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How do you add a preview to your block-ui styler


When using NX one of the great features is being able to preview the intent of your opertions.

Example when subtracting a tool from a target you can preview the results prior to applying so you know if you want to hit apply/ok or not.



I would like to add the preview ability to my own custom Block-UI styler so the user can Preview what will happen. Does any one know how this is accomplished? 


It would be great if it was just a "Special" choice like set list, etc...



Re: How do you add a preview to your block-ui styler


I think you'd probably have to write it yourself.

When the user clicks "Preview", create an Undo mark, execute the code to do whatever. Then when the user clicks the "Undisplay preview" undo to the Undo mark.

I think the native NX previews are more sophisticated than that, but as an end user I think that is the best you'll get.

As for having a "Preview" block, that would be nice but almost impossible to achieve. How would the block know what your code was going to do to preview it?

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