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How do you create a CAMSetup via NX Open?


Starting with a simple NX model, how can you get/create a CAMSetup object?


The documention basically just says how to get it if it exists already:

NXOpen::CAM::CAMSetup * CAMSetup ()
 Returns the CAM setup of the work part


What I really want to do is click a button and load the right machine without the user having to click though all the typical dialogs.



Re: How do you create a CAMSetup via NX Open?

There are 2 was to make a setup - 


One is to create in the work part. OK for quick and dirty, but not used a master model environment. There is an old ufunc sample in UGOPEN called ufd_cam_sample.c. 


The other modern way is to create an assembly, where your CAM setup is the top level, and the components are the part, blank, fixtures, machine tool, etc. It's probably easiest to see this if you record a journal. Open a model, start recording, go to File New, Manufacturing, pick one of the setups, and the assembly is created. Stop recording and take a look at the vb. 


You can include the machine tool in the setup, as we have with the sim* setup templates you see in file new. If you do this, it should be as easy as file new for your users, and you may not need the automation.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens