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How do you set More/Less dialog view in BlockUI styler? (


I'm currently creating a BlockUI Styler dialog and would like to set the dialog to always open up in the "More" setting by default. Currently it keeps coming in as less and a majority of the groups are not present.

I was hoping it would be as easy as setting a property for a block but for the dialog.... somehting like thedialog.viewoptions = more


Capture.JPGDialog comes in as less                   Capture.JPGLess = no groups shown


I specify the group show prorperty = true but enable = false in the dialogshown_cb

Capture.JPGExample of dialog_cb()


In the end I would like all groups to be visable but disable most of, if not all the content within them and have the dialogs collapsed AKA "More"


Capture.JPGGroups shown... tgls and strings are disabled