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How generate JT with custom config options

Hi All,


I want to export JT file of an assembly based on custom config file.

Custom config file has one option 

structureOption = "MONOLITHIC"  

This should generate JT will all geometry in one file for assembly with no structure info.


I tried recording journal it has option to specify config file 


NXOpen::JtCreator *jtCreator1;
jtCreator1 = theSession->PvtransManager()->CreateJtCreator(<custom config file path>);



NXOpen::NXObject *nXObject1;
nXObject1 = jtCreator1->Commit();


But this does not help and the JT for assembly gets created with structure information.

There are many other such options which can not be delibarately specified in the program.


I have attached the sample code file in form of txt.

What is the way to export JT programmatically by specifying custom config file?





Re: How generate JT with custom config options

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Siemens Legend

From your post I cannot see which NX release you are using but there was a Problem Report against NX11 for this issue.


PR-7966730: NXOpen.JtCreator doesn't load/use options from ConfigFile property
Solution: An additional API LoadConfigSettings() will be provided to load the configuration file settings on a JtCreator object after setting the ConfigFile property


As far as I can see, this new API won't get recorded in NX12 when changing the default config file in the dialog.

So you might have to add a line in your code and call that method after setting the ConfigFile (and before committing the JTCreator instance).

Re: How generate JT with custom config options

Yes I forgot to mention NX version it is NX12.


Thanks for the help, that API worked.