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How to create isoparametric curves with API in NX 7.5?

Hi all


When we use NX 8.0 and above, we have api called isoparametric builder that can help us generate isoparatric curves. This builder has considered the boundaries of the surface so every generated curves will lie in the surface area. 


However, this api is not supported in NX 7.5.  I tried 


but it doesn't take the edges into account. So some of curves may lie outside of the surface area. Do we have a way to get the same result as isoparametric builder?


Thanks in advance





Re: How to create isoparametric curves with API in NX 7.5?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Have you tried using this:


ufs.Modl.AskFaceUvMinmax(the_face.Tag, minmaxUV)


where the_face is the face you are trying to create the curve on and minmaxUV is output as an array of double


you can then get a view scaled u/v value using:


        Dim minU As Double = minmaxUV(0)
        Dim maxU As Double = minmaxUV(1)
        Dim minV As Double = minmaxUV(2)
        Dim maxV As Double = minmaxUV(3)
       dim scaled_u as double  = minU + u_in * (maxU - minU)
       dim scaled_v as double = minV + v_in * (maxV - minV)


Where u_in/v_in is the 'on_screen' value of u/v you want.