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How to debug

my English is a little bad, I think the question means.

a way to debug the programs directly from visul studio is there.
They can be run directly, to check variables etc.

Thank you very much.

Accepted by topic author Angel_Querejazu
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How to debug

  1. Set breakpoint(s) in in your NX Open code in the Visual Studio editor
  2. Compile your NX Open code into a .dll
  3. Start NX
  4. In Visual Studio, pick Tools, Attach to Process
  5. Find the NX process (ugraf.exe) and select it as the process to attach to
  6. Run the NX Open dll in NX (File, Execute NXOpen)


The code will run until hitting the first break point, then it will pause and you can interrogate variables, etc. in Visual Studio.

Re: How to debug

There are two ways. Take a look at the "Getting Started with SNAP" guide. There's a section on debugging at the end of chapter 3.