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How to get ALL feature's attributes?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello all,


I got a list of features and I'm looking for a way to extract ALL their attributes.

For operations and tools I used:

AskRequiredParamsData paramsData = m_UFSession.param().askRequiredParams(NXObjectTag)

To get the array of the index parameters, and from their on I got what I needed.


For the features case, the API is offering this:

CAMAttributeCollection attributeCollection = TheFeature.attributes();

But, it does NOT give me all the attributes.

For example: if I got a simple STEP1HOLE and I convert it to a threaded hole, the attributes I get after the change are remain the same - so it doesn't good for me.


Is their a way to get all the attributes, like the ones that existing in the MKE?