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How to get Rectangle Position Points using BlockStyler


Hi All,


I am interested in getting all the four points of a rectangle when using Rectangle selection.

I know how to do this using NXOpen.UIStyler.

1) using NXOpen.UIStyler, we can get the SelectionHandle

2) AskSelectionRectanglePosition gives us the four points of the rectangle drawn by the mouse.


I am looking ot do the same using a block styler.

I have a custom dialog which has a curve selector which allows me to select curves in a sketch.

When there are many curves, I want to create a rectangle to select all the curves at once which lie within the rectangle..

I am looking to get all the points of the rectangle in this scenario.


Is there any API that can help me achieve this for block styler?

Thanks in advance.





Re: How to get Rectangle Position Points using BlockStyler

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius
Well I did not understand this enough. Why do out want to find curves in rectangular area your self? There is rectangular selection supported by selection. Just use any Block styler block which can collect curves and you.can perform rectangular selection!

Did I miss read your requirement?
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