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How to get "Direction" from workPart.

I want to get the directions from workPart. Plz. help for the same.


Here in Journal it represent like this:


NXOpen.Direction direction1 = (NXOpen.Direction)workPart.FindObject("HANDLE R-1940");

measureDistanceBuilder1.ProjectionVector = direction1;



But i want this without passing Journal String.


Thanks in advance.


Re: How to get "Direction" from workPart.

Use the Directions property of the Part object.





Jan Böttcher

Re: How to get "Direction" from workPart.

Create a new direction object with the properties that you need.


Are you creating an associative measurment feature? Create an associative direction object for the feature to reference.


Performing a non-associative measurement? Create a direction object without parameters and NX will clean it up later.