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How to get stacking 'parent' of an annotation

I need to identify the annotation a stacked annotation is the child of.


I tried the alignedAnnotation property of the annotations AssociativeOriginData but this is always null.


Annotation.AssociativeOriginData assocOrigin = childNote.getAssociativeOrigin();
Annotation parentNote = assocOrigin.alignedAnnotation; //null!!!

ideas / suggestions are welcome

Jan Böttcher

Re: How to get stacking 'parent' of an annotation

Check the .OriginType of the associative origin, then get the corresponding alignment object.

Accepted by topic author ijb
‎10-11-2016 06:30 AM

Betreff: How to get stacking 'parent' of an annotation

Smiley Frustrated


Thanks to all who bothered to read my question.


I used Annotation.AssociativeOriginData.offsetAnnotation to set the parent of the stacked annotation (which is completely right) and mistakenly used Annotation.AssociativeOriginData.alignedAnnotation to query it later (completely nonsens).


Jan Böttcher