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How to learning customization




I hav 4 years of experience in NX tool. Now i want to **bleep** to customization side. But i dont have any programming language. What is the best way to proceed ?


Re: How to learning customization

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Raki,

1. Learn dot net languages like or C#. Those are easy to will get tutorials in web.

2.Start building dextop base app like calculator,sign up, excel reading, mailing from app etc.

3. Once you feel you are okay with programming then go for NX documentation, You will find NX -open referance guide. Go through it.

4.Start recording journal now in NX by doing some simple staff like creating any feature, deleting and understand the code behind it.

5. Go for NX journalling webpage. You will learn a lot from there.


This is the way to go ahead with it.